How to Cure Thrush Fast and Naturally - A Review

There are many remedies available that will cure thrush (supposedly). Whether they come from prescribed medication via your doctor or chemist, or natural remedies advertised on the internet, they can have fatal flaws.

We have discussed the major downside to prescribed medication in the next post (see “how to cure thrush - drug free”). Natural remedies also have negatives. There a very few all natural treatments for thrush that are either safe or effective. For example, olive leaf extract (which is often recommended) is actually very toxic for the liver.

Many so called cures merely treat the symptoms. This is temporary as the yeast itself has not been destroyed and the condition WILL flare up again GUARANTEED.

Thankfully, one thrush sufferers persistence and dermination has changed all of this. Sarah Summers’ found that standard treatments only brought brief relief to the SYMPTOMS and not the ROOT cause.

Having struggled with strict diets to improve her yeast condition she set about discovering a PROPER/PERMANENT solution to thrush.

Her extensive research (148 medical journals fully listed in bibliography) has enabled her to find this cure.

Underlying physical issues are addressed and her methods and what she offers is by far and away the most effective form of treatment of thrush available today. Sarah’s treatment provides:

  • a FAST cure
  • drug free treatment
  • symptoms stopped in 12 HOURS!
  • treats ALL types of yeast infection
  • access to private members site (with over 350 photos)
  • one to one personal support
  • an incredible 8 week money back guarantee

Bare in mind that the big, pharmaceutical companies are not interested in finding a cure as treating the symptoms alone is far more profitable to them if you have to keep going back for more!

To cure your thrush/yeast infection today visit Sarah’s site today click here.

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How to cure Thrush - Drug Free

Thrush is the most common form of of reproductive infection that any woman can suffer. Also known as yeast infection or candida, millions of women each year suffer from it. An astonishing 75% of women will be affected by thrush at some point in their lives.

This yeast infection is caused by candida albicans which is a naturally occurring fungus found inside the vagina. Candida yeast is normally kept in check by the acidic conditions inside your vagina.

When these acidic conditions are out of balance the candida fungus can quickly grow leading to yeast infection (thrush).

The symptoms you may suffer include:

  • burning when urinating
  • soreness, itching and inflammation
  • an unwelcome thick, white discharge
  • pain during intercourse

You may be familiar with some or all of these symptoms.

Can thrush be cured?

The answer is yes. There is numerous medications available but we recommend that you DO NOT use them.

Why you MUST NOT use drugs to cure thrush.

Since it is a fungus which which causes thrush, most doctors/chemists treat it with antifungul drugs. There are 3 types of drugs:

  • creams to be applied inside the vagina and/or onto the vulva
  • hard, bullet shaped tablets called pessaries (which are inserted high into the vagina)
  • tablets to be swallowed

Creams (like pessaries) may have to be inserted high into the vagina. From a practical point of view these methods are very difficult. The only realistic time to apply and insert these methods is at night, before bed (as both can be very messy). They melt with the heat and leak everywhere, all over your pants and clothes. A few of them are colored and can stain quite badly.

Isn’t this the last thing you want?

The pain of thrush itself is bad enough but the embarassment and self conscious feelings you may experience is terrible. Not every woman would be comfortable applying the creams/pessaries in the first place. This must be taken into consideration when treating thrush from the start.

Heaven forbid you have to apply the treatment during the day, at work perhaps. Can you imagine the constant fear that somebody in the office is aware of your leakage? It does no bare thinking about.

These medications can take up to 14 days to complete the course. You must continue the course even if you take your period. That’s right - you have to insert the medication whilst menstruating.

Pessaries may be given to women as a preventative measure to women who suffer from recurrent thrush (4 times or more every 12 months). These may have to be taken 2 times each week for up to 6 months. It becomes a long, drawn out process to rid yourself of this infection.

Ineffective Contraception

The rubber from condoms and diaphragms can be damaged by creams and pessaries. Getting rid of thrush and replacing it with an umwanted pregnancy is obviously undesirable.

Tablets and Capsules

By taking oral medication you may suffer dizziness, diarrhoea, nausea, stomach cramps and a skin rash. Also, oral treatments are not recommended to pregnant or breastfeeding women and the pessary route may not be practical at all when pregnant. If in doubt consult your doctor.

Thankfully you do not have to suffer from thrush and its medically manufactured side effects ever again. There is a natural remedy which works in an incredible 12 hours. For futher information click here.

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Tips About Serious Yeast Infection Cure Information

By  Inaki Santiago

Have a good source of serious yeast infection cure information is very important for you and your family. This fungal infection symptoms can be eliminate by both natural or chemical medications. Many patient are confuse how to treat this fungal infection with natural or chemical products.

A variety of chemicals or natural medicines are available to treat fungal infections. The efficacy of this medicines treatment depend where is locate the infection in our body and the state of health. For examples these medication can be used topically, oral or intravenously. The most common diseases treat with this anti-fungal medications are athlete’s foot, ringworm, candidiasis, vaginitis, etc.

Diflican, Miconazole, Clotrimazole and Ketoconale are one of the most prescribe medication by physician to treat yeast and fungal infections. Many of these chemical products can present serious toxic side effects in the patient health. This chemicals products treat the symptoms but not the root of the condition. Due to the misuse of these chemical anti-fungal medicines many fungal infections are resistant and survive to the treatment. When this yeast infection are resistant to anti-fungal medication leads to the patient need more higher doses of medicines and longer treatment that can affect other system such as the kidney and heart.

When you use a natural yeast infection recipes is very important these medicine eliminate these infection forever. This natural products need to eliminate the root of the problems and not only the symptoms. Change your diet, make exercise and avoid eating certain food can be the little thing you need to change to eliminate yeast infection.

The patient need to know the characteristic of the chemical and natural medication available. This will help the patient to choose a better product to treat his illness. You can combined chemical and natural products resulting in a better outcome of the infection. Consult other people to know about the characteristics of these natural products and how to use it. Always remember to follow the instructions of these anti-fungal product to get a good result.

Read more about Natural Cure For Yeast Infection Without Toxic Effect this remedies cure the root of the problem not only the symptoms. This Natural Candida Cleanse Products can safe your life. Remember this natural products are cheap

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